Jewellery Making Class I.

  1. Introduction, pendant decorated with stones – wiring technique
            semiprecious stones, dental wire, bees-keepers´ wire, string, clasping
  2. Design for an ornament on pierced brass ring
            drilling and cutting of brass metal sheet using a fret saw
  3. Brass ring
            further cutting of the brass metal sheet using a fret saw
  4. Brass ring
            filing and soldering
  5. Completion of the brass ring
            sanding and polishing
  6. Enamelled earrings
            cutting of copper sheet, enamelling
  7. Enamelled earrings – completion
            firing of the enamel in a kiln, filing and attaching a silver hook
  8. Copper bracelet, articulated
            copper wire

Jewellery Course I.            8 x 2 hours weekly             

All the material needed for the given themes is included in the price of the course. Nevertheless, in case a participant has some special requests, he/she can buy extra or different material on the spot for reasonable prices.

jewellery course I.
jewellery course II.

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Pendant decorated with stones

Brass ring

Enamelled earrings

Copper bracelet