Jewellery Making Class II.

  1. “Zig-Zag” bracelet of beads
            glass beads, dental wire, elastic
  2. Plexiglass ring
            drilling the plexiglass using Archamedian drill, piercing
  3. Completion of plexiglass ring
            milling and filing, polishing
  4. Design for cast pendant
            making wax model using spirit lamps and modelling tools
  5. Design for cast pendant - continuation
            completion of wax model
  6. Brass chain
            brass wire, cutting jump rings, coiling other components
  7. Treatment of raw cast pendant
            cutting off the sprue, abrading with burrs
  8. Completion of cast pendant
            filing with the use of files and sandpapers, polishing, possibly adding patina

Jewellery Making Class II.            8 x 2 hours weekly             

All the material needed for the given themes is included in the price of the course. Nevertheless, in case a participant has some special requests, he/she can buy extra or different material on the spot for reasonable prices.

An exception is the Jewellery Course II, in which the price of the cast silver jewellery is not included, so as the size of the piece should not be thus limited beforehand.

jewellery course I.
jewellery course II.

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 “Zig-Zag” bracelet of beads

Plexiglass ring

cast pendant